v0.5: Better sea colors, dress 'lignes claires', objects fixes

Thanks all, for buying Hermetika VR and for sending us detailed feed-backs and bug reports, on Itch, by emails, it's really helpful and encouraging. Keep them coming! We have several fixes in the work that directly come from your feedback 😅

April 29th, 2020: version 0.5 update

This is a small update in term of what you can see, with no visible change on the gameplay yet (There's some invisible game logic changes that will be used in the next update to make your success—or failures!—in the game much more clear)

  • We fixed various objects texture issues: fixed texture mapping on cacti, on platforms

  • We picked better colors for the rising inside sea that catch up to you, that better reflect the overall style

  • We made the avatar's dress look even more gorgeous by fixing a part of the mesh issues and by giving it back its ligne claire outlines

You can download the update on itch.io: https://benthamrealities.itch.io/hermetika-vr or use SideQuest to download and install it automatically on your Quest: https://sdq.st/a-738

Julien, with Benjamin and Jonathan!


HermetikaVR-master-11c41e2c.apk — v0.5 38 MB
Apr 29, 2020

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