A downloadable VR game

Peco Peco! For Oculus Quest 1 and 2. 
You can buy Peco Peco on the Oculus Quest Store 

Snap back giant 3D jigsaw puzzles in VR, and cut your own 3D puzzle for friends.

In this release: 

  • 2 series: Comfort Food and Diorama
  • 24 models from 21 creators. Some models are animated, but not all.  
  • Bonus experimental series: NASA Perseverance and Ingenuity
  • 42 different puzzle cuts in total (we're adding more puzzles regularly, updated over the air, no re-install).
  • 17+ hours of play time to finish all the puzzle cuts
  • Create your own cuts in VR for your friends and family to play. 

In Peco Peco the jigsaw puzzles feel physical: you manipulate the colorful pieces, you snap them, and as you snap them, the model comes to life with sounds and animations. 

Thanks to VR, the models are much more impressive than your ordinary puzzles: giant cookies, dancing jelly fruits, entire miniature mythical battles, small magical worlds with floating boats and moving clouds…

Coming Next: New free series in preparation for Q1/Q2 2021, each including 12 models and 36 cuts:

  • In the Attic
  • Blooming
  • Space
  • Cute cars
  • Swords and Katanas
  • Full-Size Robots (yes, human-sized robots to snap back!)

Follow Peco Peco on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pecopecogame

Discuss with other players and the devs on Discord: https://discord.gg/CRCbFdFNs8

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Are you able to enable turn on App Sharing for this game on the Quest, so that multiple accounts on the same Quest can play the game? :)

Hi! App Sharing is mandatory for all new apps since February 13, 2021 😃

And all App Lab apps had to approve it, as far as I know! It should work fine with Peco Peco, but if you have any issue, please tell us so we can ask Oculus to fix it 😅

Thanks for replying! I can tell you it definitely isn't working with app sharing. It would be great if you could get Oculus to fix it! 😁

Are you using the latest App Lab version? It would be great if you could contact me by email at team@benth.am or even better join the Discord https://discord.gg/CRCbFdFNs8 so we can chat and gather all the information to send back to Oculus!

Great start! Ideas if you’re looking for input: ability to move a bit with thumb sticks maybe? Some pieces high up a bit tough to reach. Maybe consider a pointer to grab pieces? Also, would be nice to see which puzzles are already in progress (maybe a percentage complete).

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for your feedback, you are absolutely right that there's improvements to make on the input and manipulation side of the UX. We also plan to have a better menu in the next few weeks. 

One more idea: in Puzzling Pieces (which, while different in ways, we love), there’s a satisfying click sound made when you connect pieces. Any chance for similar? :) 

And speaking of sound, an option to mute music would be cool too.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, you are right on point, we plan to have more feedback when snapping pieces! As for muting music, we will at some point have a proper sound menu so you can balance music, sounds effects and sounds coming from the models themselves. It will probably be when or just after we change the UI for a proper menu system.

Just to mention that there's now a click sound when you connect the pieces 😃(and a cutting sound when you cut your own puzzles!)

Thanks again for your feedback!

Cool, sounds like I need to get back in and spend some time puzzling again. Thanks for the update.

Were you able to use your Oculus key to get the App Lab version?

Hi! We made an update to the cuts, and now they should not be higher than 1.5m.

To force an update to the cuts, you can use SideQuest "Run ADB commands" located here:

Then  "Custom Commands" and paste this command to remove the cached cuts:

adb shell rm -rf /sdcard/Android/data/am.benth.pecopeco/files/PecoPeco/cache/cuts

Alternatively you can use Android File Transfer to go and delete the same folder.

The cuts will be downloaded anew at the next launch, with a more limited height :-)